Are we getting too many UFC's?

I'm a long time fan of the UFC going back to the inception of the sport and I've maybe missed 5 events of the total 150 of them. Recently I've noticed very watered down cards with maybe 2 fights the fans really even care about and the rest with fighters no one has heard of.

The only 2 cards that have been star studded this year have been Dos Santos vs Mir card and Silva vs Sonnen card. The rest have been lack luster especially considering they're charging $50 to $60 a pay per view. Personally I'd rather have fewer events and get more quality cards then have a UFC on a weekly basis with a bunch of names that don't mean anything to the general public.

Have the guys building their names fight on free TV to get exposure and put the stars on PPV. Am I the only one who thinks this or do you guys agree with my assesment?


 Zuffa has already determined that the general public has been conditioned & will accept a watered down product.They are now having as many shows as they can to maximize profit.   

 It's hard to build start poor without cards with unknowns. The reason you knew every fighter in the UFC 8 years ago, is because there were half as many, probably closer to a quarter.  The leel of competition is also getting batter which helps make cards feel like they re watered down. 

Personally, I can't get enough.  I like good fights, I like fun fights. I do enjoy fights more when I have a dog in it, but I love a good fight either way.  I'd rather see star studded fights on PPv and up and comers free on fox, fx, or fuel, but I don't have much of a choice. 

Overall, I'm thrilled with mma right now, it could be cheaper but not much better. 

 Fuckin auto correct

Start poor = star power

Leel = level. 

Yes, there are too many cards and it's why the real talent and "names" are spread so thin and half the cards are already weak/watered down and why the good cards that get decimated by injuries and scandals are that much harder to recover from and they're just isn't time to promote most cards very well because there's always another one 2 weeks later.

I think these are accurate. Number of cards since 2005 (the year TUF and Fight Night started....

2005 - 10
2006 - 18
2007 - 19
2008 - 20
2009 - 20
2010 - 24
2011 - 27
2012 - 29 already scheduled, could end up with at least 30 by the end of the year.

Too many. I personally like an 18 card formula....12 PPVs and 6 quality free shows on Fox/FX but 20 could work too.

And all of these cards to fill and more quality heavyweights than ever are under contract right now and they(the HWs) still barely fight on them with any kind of regularity.

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 there are 2 less ppv's this year than there were last year...  the only cards that are increasing are the free cards.

The events that seem watered down are due to injuries... you can reduce the number of events and bench guys to keep them on call to replace the injured but it still doesnt solve the problem and fighters would be making less money.

with 8 divisions (soon to be 10... 115lb men, and 135klb female) you need at least 50 events to properly develop talent each division, properly develop contenders in each division and to properly establish champions.

With 8 divisions, you have 8 champs fighting 2 times a year (16 title fights).... you need to have at least 14 ppv's.

the number of events will only increase in the coming years... not decrease.  we have all these contenders emerging (zombie, weidman, nate diaz, cormier, belcher, gustaffosn, Gover, hendricks, etc.. ) because we have all these events.    Never before have all these divisions seemed so stacked and they are being devloped primarily because of the increase in events.

Contenders are popping out left and right.

The problem isnt too many events... the problem are injuries and a distribution strategy where it's very difficult to follow and watch these events. 

The market will solve the injury problem because if fighters dont get paid, coaches dont get paid.  Once the distribution strategy is fixed then it will flow alot better.  Showtime and shoextreme will be eliminated... it sounds like tuf will be moved to a better night.  If all the main cards can be moved to FX and back to saturdays it will all be good again.

They are taking over the marketshare formerly occupied by the smaller orgs, which means the UFC now holds the cards for the up-and-comers, instead of allowing "feeder leagues." The only reason Strikeforce still exists is because of their Showtime deal, and it too will presumably be gutted and eliminated when that contract expires.

I get the whole injury thing but even before the injury bug recently hit the Calgary show it still wasn't going to be that loaded of card as far established UFC stars go. When I buy a PPV for $50 I want there to be a few big names on each card. When I watch free events I don't care if I haven't heard of the guys fighting on the card I still enjoy the fights. I just can't justify spending good $ on cards with unestablished stars.

Easy formula free UFC's new talent and PPV's fighters who are names. Then I'll gladly buy every event that they put on PPV.

F No. I'm trying to watch all the fight's I can get!

i prefer the 16-18 ppv scheme.

I would like more, just not have to pay $60 for 5 fights a month with talent not much higher then the free cards. We just had Shogun and Machida fight on a free card, why should we be expected to pay for events with Cheik Kongo vs Shawn Jordan? The last few cards, the prelims were better than the main cards... and they were free. The UFC is gauging their fans for every penny they can get, and after buying a lot of ppv's, it just doesn't make sense anymore. Phone Post

I'm very grateful for what Dana and the Ferrita brother's have done for bringing the UFC main stream. My issue is they're throwing up to 2 pay per views in a month. If I was to order every event it would be costing me close to 2k for the year. That's fine and dandy if we're getting great events but just look at what we've been getting lately.

The free Fox show was awesome but the last 2 PPV's have been garbage overall. Bones vs Henderson is a great main event obviously but the rest of the card is very weak overall again. I'll order that one regardless with those 2 fighting but they should have put on a few bigger fights in the under card.

They have a formula now though which is more about building the brand rather than the fighters which is hurting them developing stand alone stars.