Are we reaching peak insanity? ESPN article uses different pronouns in same article for same person

So this WNBA chick became trans. Since she wants to determine her gender based on how she feels and when, the ESPN article treats her as some type of hero and literally calls her various pronouns in the same article. He, her, they? All of the above? Just changing the gender with the wind.

When do you get to pick your own race? Surely that is coming. This shit is starting to get beyond fucked up and I think it unfortunately will probably only get worse from here.

Ben Shapiro covers it in the first 5 mins of the vid of you want to hear some excerpts of this insanity.

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Those are your pronouns, weirdo.

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The way things have gone the last couple of years, I think we’ve got 2-3 more left before we hit the peak.

This is just getting fucking looney tunes. They literally go from saying “she went with her baby” to “he removed his shirt and sat down” to “they fought so hard to make the world a just place”.

All referring to the same person lmao.

This shit wouldn’t have even been in an Onion article a few years ago it would be so absurd.

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