Are/were you a wrestler?

Especially from New England?

If so, i'd appreciate a short testimonial from you as i am trying to get a coaching gig. A couple sentences will do.

Please TTT, either way.

Send the testimonials to and include your email address.



I was a wrestler.

What kind of testimonial do you need?

Just a couple sentences like: "Doug is wicked smaht. He trains wrestlahs good. He coulda went to Hahvad" (that's for you bostonians)

LOL. You get the idea, i dont want to put words in your mouth. If you think i'm worth a damn as a S&C coach for wrestlers based on what you know about me, then some kind words will go a long way to helping me get this pivotal gig.

Oh, and if you pretend you know me, i think you might even be able to get some free wrestling coaching if you're in the boston area from some world class coaches.

Also, write a quick blurb about where you wrestled, and if you won any titles, etc.

Thanks alot Don, i appreciate whatever you have.


Sure Doug. I'll work on that tonight/tomorrow morning for you.

I was a scrub, but I'll write you something impressive. I'm a much better writer than wrestler. Hahaha.

You've got mail.

I hope that works for you.

If you need something more complimentary, let me know.

"If you need something more complimentary, let me know."

LOL. I don't think that's even possible.

Thanks a lot!

It doesnt matter if you were a world champion or just a 8th grade bench warmer. As long as you were on a team!


Doug, you've got mail again.

Also, I'm not just blowing smoke up your ass. I have learned a lot from you while lurking on your threads.

Thanks a lot brah. I think its in the bag.


Whats the details on the coaching gig homey?

I think it's in the bag.

For now, i think it will be a seminar this summer, in boston. But it will likely lead to bigger things for me, so i'm pulling out all the stops. You guys should attend.

(it's not scheduled yet, but ill keep you posted)


On a side note. Was a H.S. wrestler and collegiate wrestler. I think being on the wrestling coaching staff is one of the coolest jobs. working and molding young minds.

Good luck ver..

I agree about the coolness of watching people progress from your coaching.



I had a chance to coach twice...once as a senior in high school I helped out with the jv team (blew out my knee). I also coached a rival high school while in college.

One of the best experiences ever.

Good luck getting the gig...

When will you know Doug?

Did he design a sweet finishing move for you?


Like i said i think it's actually going to happen, but the programming wont be done for a month, so i'll have to wait for a date.