Are wrist tattoo's the new tramp stamp?

I've noticed a lot more women getting wrist tattoo's and it made me think is this a new slutty girl trend. Phone Post 3.0

Yes, yes they are

Make sure its either your kids initials or a rainbow to let everyone know you are a homo

StevetheWeasel - No.

The silly cursive writing on the ribs was the new tramp stamp.
I think that was the last one but the wrist tat is taking the top spot , I had 2 chicks within a week talk about getting a wrist tat Phone Post 3.0

LEss tramp-stamp, more mid-life crisis 'I'm still young & have an edge' imo

I saw a skank at WalMart not to long ago that had her kids feet tattoo'd on her lower legs. It was probably ok when she had one tat for each leg but being the breeding white trash that she was it looked like a herd of midgets had a boot party on those calves and shins.

I always felt foot tattoos were a sign of trampage. Phone Post 3.0

This skank works there so I've watched her add these god awful tats over the yrs.