Are you a Better Man than your Dad?

It’s is, but most people who are cutthroat businesspeople generally aren’t equipped to be good empathetic parents to begin with.

You kind of have to be a bit of an amoral piece of shit to break through to a certain level of success in most industries. You’re not getting past middle management unless you step on/over people to get there.


I am a pretty good dad and a workhorse but I try 100% to avoid as much of the business aspect of my job as I can. I mean I do a decent amount but my brother still does 20 times what I do. He does the bids, he orders supplies, he does invoices, payroll, etc. All I do is do the work, report the work done to the city, maintain equipment and trucks, help him make decisions on bids, And manage the guys as best I can.

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Trump was a great President. One of the best. he put the country first.

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