Are you a coffee or tea person?

I’ve started drinking my coffee black for the obvious reasons and it’s been effective w my weight loss (one of many things I’m doing). No sugar, no cream/milk. Need the caffeine effect, don’t like the taste. Sometimes coffee sometimes espresso.

I also have English breakfast black tea. I do add a little honey to it that is locally sourced, supposedly helps w allergies which can get bad for me. Tastes great. But it’s with honey.

Are you a coffee or tea person? Coffee should have much stronger caffeine effect but I have yet to appreciate its taste.

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Coffee. Made With an Aeropress. Tastes so good you don’t even need cream or sugar. Iced coffee for the 3 hottest months usually

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Thanks @DizzySlugger … might try Aeropress. I have done French Press in the past.

@Emoney97 , I am both, however with coffee, I need some milk in it. Samething with tea, I take it with milk too. I am trying to get into plain tea with honey.

Thanks DT. I see it’s only $30 for aeropress that nothing compared to other devices.

Do you have to grind beans so is the bean grinding and cleaning device a hassle?

I really want to get to appreciating tea and coffee without adding anything to it.

If you want the best flavor, you’re better off grinding your own beans.

Is that quick and easy to do? I’m just naive to all this. At home I either have Folgers in the machine pot or nespresso and those pods are damn expensive…but so easy.

Water for me, plain water.

I do both but primarily coffee. A bit of stevia or just black these days. Dunn Brothers house espresso grind.

During the week I drink coffee with so delicious French vanilla coconut milk.

On the weekends I have ginger lemon tea with honey.

Coffee. Black.
But I wish I could get into teas more. I always have stacks of green tea, peppermint, chamomile, but my coffee flies off the shelf. I need to get more discipline with that.
Locally sourced honey is a great idea and it helps with one of my clients allergies, he stands by that.

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I grind my own beans with a Burr grinder. Doesn’t have to be anything expensive or too fancy. Then all you need is a kettle for boiling water and the Aeropress. Look up the inverted method online.
Cleaning the aeropress is as simple as giving it a quick rinse after each use. Only downfall to using the aeropress is it takes a couple minutes to make and you only get 1 cup at a time.

Did the full grind French press fancy coffee stuff every day until it started messing with my stomach. Was always making it too strong or something. Cut back and do PG Tips tea most mornings now and then do one cup here or there with the French press. Stomachs better.

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Can’t beat a quality cuppa.

I love the French Press this way I can buy organic but my issue is there is always bits off coffee bean which after awhile I detest

That’s because I’m more English than Squatdog and Ghengamuslim

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Lavazza & loose leaf black

Neither for me. I used to drink tea as a kid but I would load it with sugar, which I would assume is pretty unhealthy for you.

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