Are you a coffee or tea person?

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Real men drink rockstar in the morning, not french coffee lol WHAT DA

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Coffee is the correct answer.

Tea is for british wankers

Not really, there are Asian cultures that drink tea

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Coffee always tastes like burnt beans to me.

I drink all sorts of teas. Black is my favorite. I’m currently drinking one that’s got chocolate flavors in it. It’s delightful!

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Stay away from starbucks. That shit is straight from the devil’s ass.

If I drink tea, which is a rarirty, it’s usually green tea with lemon juice or orange flavored tea. But 99% of the time I drink coffee.

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Used to be the blue can was best. Then they rebranded. Start with Perfetto. If that’s too strong for you, the Kilimanjaro blend is very nice too.

Works beautifully with drip, press, moka & espresso machines depending on the grind.

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I once ordered a wonderful Ethiopian bean, ground it myself, brewed a weak pot, added a bit of cream and sugar … all I tasted was burnt beans. I made it half a cup and haven’t tried a sip since. It’s just not for me.

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Have a bean to cup coffee machine and think it’s the best way to do coffee, have tried aeroplanes and various breeding methods, pods etc, normally black with a tiny dash of milk in the mornings then make expresso shot latte in the afternoon

Buy local and talk to them, ask for samples. Local roasters always go out of their way.


Black coffee for 15 years. Took about a year to get used to the taste without the heavy dose of sugar and milk (just more sugar really).

I can say I really like the taste.

They say that once you go black you never go back. I think I’m they mean coffee right?


There is more caffeine in Tea. I drank tea for most of my life until for some inexplicable reason, I started to like Coffee in my late 30’s Now when intermittent fasting I drink Green Tea or Black Coffee.

For a treat I drink Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea. Milk Two Sugars.