Are you a coffee or tea person?

I’ve switched from coffee to only unsweetened green tea. Sometimes on Saturday morning I’ll allow myself a coffee with a couple of donuts but that’s it. I feel a lot better only drinking green tea. Drinking coffee makes me feel weird and sometimes leaves me with a headache.

Both! More coffee than Chai though!

i take my coffee addiction pretty seriously

I buy green unroasted coffee beans and roast them at home in a gene cafe roaster. I do pour over with a Hario V60 and always drink my coffee black.


that must smell amazing in the morning.

Or I’ll just continue to not drink things I don’t like.

I get my teas from a local company. :grin:

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I like tea, but find myself only really drinking it in the winter.

Who can ever forget the classic tv jingle;

The best part of waking up, is water in my cup

Coffee every morning for over 50 years.
Black tea iced and unsweetened midday.

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I’m moving toward this

Currently doing black tea in am.
The midday or afternoon black tea but with a little honey

Sometimes I’ll throw in a second black coffee or tea with honey depending on day.

Would like to get to point I add nothing to the tea. Much simpler that way

Never drink coffee, occasionally ill have some green tea at work.

I literally only have mcdonalds caramel iced coffee in the mornings on days I work. Other than that I don’t drink coffee at all. Certainly not hot. I’ll have some English tea on occasion but not often.

Ive spent a lot of money over the years trying different varieties and blends and roasts and styles and contraptions and on and on and I can’t get into it. I’m subscribed to James Hoffman’s YouTube channel and watch most of his videos. It seems like the perfect snobby hobby for my personality. Even sweet drinks with a hint of coffee flavor do nothing for me. It all tastes like cigarettes smell. I’m not sure why I can’t get into it but it’s not for lack of trying.

Even the cheapest bag tea is palatable to me. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

man, fuck that bitter cheap shit. even lipton seals their bags now for a couple of cents more. so worth it.

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Typically I drink Harney & Sons loose leaf if I have time. But Tetley or PG Tips is fine in a pinch. But coffee just doesn’t do it for me.

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Green tea is a superfood. 10 Evidence-Based Benefits of Green Tea

I drink green tea throughout the day and usually coffee right out of bed. when i stopped coffee and upped the green tea i noticed my energy lvls were more stable ie i didnt crash later on in day.

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I LOVE the smell of coffee, but the taste falls far short of the aroma. I’d rather drink water than either tea or coffee.