Are you a racist or are you racist?

I’m an anti-racist.

I call out racists like @HillboFrateTrane.

See here, Hillbo is trying to keep most black people from voting. What a racist!


All races have clearly produced the same level of culture, advancement to the world, the same level of IQ, and shown there is literally zero differences in the races.


All races have their good points and bad points, some go to the polls and vote in politicians that will impliment laws that are for the good of their community, others will burn their local businesses to the ground and loot the stores if some drugged up criminal resists arrest and gets killed just to show how evolution has missed a step.

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Not a racist nor racist. But I do have my prejudices. Anyone that says differently is lying

I don’t think I’m either but I’ve gotten closer to being one over the last 3 years after the liberal media and social media tell me I am one because I don’t think POC should get special treatment or consideration.

In real life everyone has a chance to be my friend (regardless of color, sex or religion) until they do or say something that makes me not want to be.

I’m not afraid to call a bunch of kids that act like animals, animals or thugs. If you’re offended because the group is black, that’s on you.


Just pointing out that skin colour in the sun is only a positive in certain areas under certain conditions

Racism would be. One group believing they are superior in all conditions

He got support and moved to the US. After he got here he started saying how he supported pedophiles and that he was one haha. Was ridiculous. Everyone that supported him of course distanced themselves and dropped him. He ended up getting 6yrs for CP.

This documentary on it is really interesting.

Were you not calling a Filipino OGer a fucking monkey and said they were a disgusting race?

He posted a picture of himself in a pool looking like one of those Japanese hot spring monkeys, thats where it came from. Others interestingly enough thought I was talking about his race so I rolled with it.


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Having only intelligent people vote would skew overwhelmingly liberal which by proxy would benefit fights for equality, soooo, no.

Except for African Americans, who’ve been enslaved by liberal policies since the 50’s… but go on.


lol they never vote liberal. Oh it was great how the right conservatards fought so hard for civil rights thats what you meant?

Yups :older_man:t2: :+1:t2:

Whenever I date someone of a different race, I always insert their race when talking about them .

ex. I went out to eat with my Asian girlfriend and the restaurant was pretty good.

Does that make me racist?

Its best to bring the racism into the bedroom, ask her if she wants you to colonise her cunt next time youre fucking her. Dont try this with non asian chics though you might get killed but asian girls love that shit

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You date guys you fuckin homo

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I’ll argue my point with anyone other than a racist pencil pushing Australian that knows NOTHING about U.S. politics.

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OP is a faggot or is he a FAGGOT?

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Common sense tells me that I will never see a team of white guys in the NBA.

I don’t care. I do not give a shit who plays what. The black dudes own that sport. Not racist imo, but if you talk black and basketball, people assume you are being racist. They fucking assume everything is racist.

Look, I got no problem taking 3 black dudes w me skiing. Fact is, I’d likely be the only one to make it off the mountain. They would be ambulance bound. Not racist. Common sense.

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