Are you an Original Fan?(after ban

Rich Santoro

First video: UFC 4 (missed it live on PPV)

First live: UFC 1 on PPV

Training: started Taekwondo at 13/ then started Hapkido at 19

Competed: HOOKnSHOOT 'Eruption' November 1998

For everyone who was a fan of MMA before the cable ban was lifted ( i.e. everyone here, ) list your name, first event you saw on video, and ( if applicable ) first live show you saw, time you started training and in what, and your first MMA fight.

Charles E Stevens


I went to UFC 24

Started training at 16-17

No MMA fights

Saw the first UFC live on cable, and was hooked from there on in.

First formal training in 1984, Judo. American Vadha Kempo a few years after that.

First MMA fights were around 1980, they were illegal, paid basically beer money, and were called "bare knucle", but only things not allowed were hair pulling,
eye poking, biting and ball shots. I leg kicked the hell out of a couple of guys who were completely clueless on how to defend. After that fights kind of dried up...

I saw UFC 1 Live on PPV and have seen every one since except one.
I went to UFC 17.
Done some boxing.
Currently not training.(but soon to change).

Gabriel Toribio

Was a fan since daddy brought home UFC 2 was on tape.

Since then this has been a part of my life.

Was there where the first show was banned on cable, was one of the first guys that the cable company told it was banned.

One of the first guys to listen to eyada.

Damn I've been there all the way boy.


UFC 3 on video (Sort of by accident acutally) I was hooked from then on.

Clayton Moore

Name - Willybone
First exposure - A friend showed me all the Royce fights on tape, UFCs 1-4, but that was around the time of UFC VIII, I guess.
First live - Tonight!!
Started training - Shrinking Monkey Kung Fu '80, TKD '84, Kendo '93, HKD '00, Judo '01
First MMA - Not yet. Maybe in a year or two.

Name: Doug Vaughn
First UFC on Cable: UFC 3
First Live UFC: 22 or 24 dont remember which.
Started to Train in 98
First NHB fight: Are you kidding me I am an old man.

My first was UFC VII.

I remember that very well because I met Tank the day after UFC VI at WCW bash at the beach. I did not know who he was we had just both sat near eachother and I noticed people were asking for his autograph. I ordered the next show, after I asked Tank who he was and why people were asking for his autograph I never looked back.

Never been there live but plan to for UFC 33, hopefully with press passes.

The first Ufc I saw was 1 off of a tape and I watched the rest on tape until about the Ultimate Ultimate 2 and I have watched the rest at bars or on cable since then. I had been training in Standup martialarts until shortly before I saw Ufc 1 but started grappling right before I ever saw it. Never been to a live event.

Tim Patterson
Hamilton Ontario, Canada

UFC 4 in person right here in Tulsa Oklahoma.

first event on tape- ufc-1.

first live show- ufc 22. i've been to two live ufc's.

training since 1997. was a sparring partner (read, "got my ass kicked by") Ron Waterman and Larry Parker.

one pro fight in the Brawl in Broomfield. won by decision.

Jerry "No Shame" Roeder

I can remember sitting in my living room watching the first UFC by myself while my wife went and bought groceries. I thought it sucked ass!! Being the McDojo karate guy that I was, I just didn't understand why everyone wasn't getting knocked out with turn kicks and reverse punches...LOL!

saw ufc 1 on ppv

had to rent from ufc 4 to about 9

have seen the rest on ppv

except ufc japan (the first one) i still haven't seen it

actually saw mars on ppv ( along with the 6 people in the audience)

Been a huge fan since day brother and sister were at the first UFC show in Colorado and they put me on to the sport...been totally into MMA ever since. Kinda (in a strange way) feels great to know I'm one of the few who's been around since "day one" with the sport, and I hope to be around till' the day they box me up and bury me. Props to all yall who've been here through the thick and thin too...and extra props to the guys responsible for running this site, it's the best thing on the net for sho'!!!


First video = UFC 9
First PPV = UFC 1
First Live Event = ufc 27
No formal Training just a fan

First UFC watched: UFC I on PPV, though my father was the one who got me into it, as I was very skeptical.First live: UFC 28 in Jersey. I'm gonna miss the Jersey ones. It's nice being 40 min. from the Meadowlands.No training, but I boxed briefly, and probably would have been a good ground fighter since whenever I boxed I wound up on the ground.Tom

Jason Brown


No live shows.

American Kickboxing, boxing, karate and submission wrestling

Not good enough for MMA, Yet.

Mark Mylvaganam

For everyone who was a fan of MMA before the cable ban was lifted ( i.e.
everyone here, ) list your name, first event you saw on video, and ( if
applicable ) first live show you saw, time you started training and in what,
and your first MMA fight.

And Kirik, please archive this thread. If and when the UFC takes off in
popularity, it would be nice to know who was a OF ( Original Fan ).

Rob Meyer

UFC 27 on Web pay-per-view

no live shows yet

September 2000 ( combat sombo and kempo-jujitsu )

not good enough for a MMA fight ( yet )