Are you Fat?

you should do more horse stance

you know u wanna do her.

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No. 6’2 212 lbs

you better be ripped, otherwise you’re husky.

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Not ripped

Husky boi

This is called skinny fat…

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I was pushing 180 in december, which was big for me (5’11"). Quit drinking booze and I’m 155 now. I started eating whatever i want a couple times a week just so I won’t start to look like spjackson.

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I actually have a friend from a group of dads that all coached football - he and I decided we’re there, at our fat and lazy breaking point, and have started the same program to restore ourselves to our peak god bods of yesteryear.

We’re starting with 5x5s. I’m adding jump rope between my sets and finishing with 5x500m rows. 90 seconds between sets for all exercises minus the jump rope part. I’m adding 10 pounds to the bar each week until I’ve found a fail point across all five exercises. When I find a fail point for the first few exercises I’ll go back 10 pounds and the following week go up 5. I expect this could take me into March of next year in which it’s time to switch things up. I’m a patient person. I got here over the course of almost three years, I’m ok working my way out slowly.

Half the battle is the 5x5s we shouldn’t be doing. 5 beers 5 days a week (not quite but almost)! It’s fun to reminisce and coach from the stands. We coached these kids for a long time, some of them have lost but a game or two their whole lives until last year - state championship runners up with one regular season loss. They’re winners and looking to go back and win this time. Each week we celebrate and get together on a few occasions. I’m going to have to find a way to moderate the festivities. Titos, vodka tonics, or Mich Ultra I guess. :rofl:
I’m also eliminating sodas and drinking >64 oz of water a day. I think I drop 15 pounds by the end of September.


Solid plan, good luck to you.

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Well, I actually love fitness. So, I properly do exercises and workouts to maintain my body shape. Handling a heavy and bulky body is a quite difficult task to do.

Sounds like you’re fat.

Down to 161lbs on the regular morning scale at 6’0". I may have abs, as fucked up as they may be.

Trying to get more food in, diet is lacking. Want 10 lbs pure muscle by new years. That possible? Currently doing Muay Thai 3* a week, don’t want more of that now. Nursing a neck injury. Thinking might even 2* week mt w 4-5* weights at home. Got full setup here, would be very practical for next few months.

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If you want muscle mass you need to lift heavy