Are you Fat?

you’re crushing your glycogen reserves a bunch, makes sense it wants to replenish them.

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sounds like Feminine Mental Weakness

or running is for brain dead people that don’t have a more intelligent way to maintain fitness.

go hit a bag pussy. it’ll get your heart rate up, and you dont need to tell your friends about your “Miles run” or whatever u running homos do.

^then why do boxers do “RoadWork”?

because boxing is stupid as a complex sport, why wouldnt a fight have ground work or kicks.

“i gotta have the endurance of a reindeer because i cant finish this fight”

then why do those TUFF Diaz Brothers train Triathlon?

i like the diaz brothers, but i wouldnt say they were classically intelligent. you’re reinforcing my argument that stupid people like to run.

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they also 100% are not fat

seems like a lot of the Silicone Valley and WallStreet HighPowered CEO Types do Marathons and Triathlons

virtue signaling. “ooo look at me walk fast in a direction for no reason”

another area where Running is Superior to WeightLifting: DIET

WeightLifters have to do a BORINGLY GAY VANITY Diet to look good

Endurance Athletes can enjoy Eating and Drinking like a MAN and burn off those Calories like a MAN resulting in Eat/Drink like a man, Train like a Man, Look Like a Man…and also why women should LIFT WEIGHTS instead of training Endurance Sport, unless of course those women want to look like a Man

i am not advocating weight lifting like you think i am. I am advocating not being fat and body weight exercises.

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ill do 200 pushups before i run a mile.

miles are boring as fuck. i can watch porn and do pushups.

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Tom Hanks Hello GIF

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wow the OG is fatter than i thought. we’re closing in on 50/50

lol i watched that movie yesterday.

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doing hundreds of repetitive BW stuff can be really boring…much more MASCULINE to just get outside for a HARD run or Long WALK OUTSIDE followed by a reasonable round of PushUps, ChinUps, and SitUps for a CLASSICAL Masculine Physique!