Are you fellas playing $CLOV?

Is there more pop in this thing?

Looking at some calls…

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The fuck are you talking about?

Men stuff.

In. I think my brother in law got in on the ICO for Clover. He seems to think it’ll do well. He’s a geeky type.

Oh you’re talking about the stock right

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I missed the first pop, but eyeing up some medium duration ITM calls.

Aug 15s @ 7.90

Lets see what happens.

Looking into it. But my investment account is empty, so as soon as I put more funds into it, I will buy. I think it is a strategy to distract the AMC folks

That would be a bit of a conspiracy.

The SI is very high in CLOV, and the DD posted yesterday was really good.

I wouldn’t put it past those hedgies.

Either way, I am investing in CLOV.

So far so good. Since there isn’t a thread I am hoping I am early and not late like I thought.

Scalped $10K this morning with 500 shares remaining.

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another strong morning

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Ive been holding since the spac and have been down like 50% untill the last two days lol. Should have averaged down when it was around 6-7.

And looks like i should have got out yesterday.

Down $7 from his morning… pump and dump?

I think it is just ADD in the retail market. I’m holding my calls.

I had an order in to short some calls around 10am, but it never executed, would have been nice to knock down my ave price.