Are you fvckers ready????

Peruvian Necktiez -

My favorite L & O show . If the chick got bigger that means that glorious arse got chunkier nothing wrong with that. 

This actor was great in Oz, he would get really intense during the butt fucking scenes.

My memories of Oz are good and I will say it is a great show. I will not go back and watch it because I have a feeling my memory is blocking out the really stupid shit.

Tons of great actors on that show!

Tonight fuckers

RIP Kathy

Had to tape it… how was it?

Ya, she did age quite a bit since then. I don’t think it’s hating, because it kinda sticks out how different looking she is.

I haven’t watched SVU religiously since Stabler left the show, so it was nice to see him and Kathy and his kids again. He’s still that hot headed detective we all came to know and love, but it’s at least understandable in this episode because Kathy’s car gets blown up and
she eventually dies.

Also watched the first episode of Law and Order Organized Crime and thought it was good. Olivia makes a few appearances in that as well.

Nice can’t wait to watch. I’m happy to have read that Barba will be making more appearances too

“Be careful, he’s a marine.”

As the younger guys say… “a lot to unpack here…”

Go on

As far as the butt references go, I’m gonna go ahead request unpacking compensation. Packing is free, however.

Finally caught up to both shows. It was solid. Just waiting for Stabler to snap.