Are You Going to Kimbo-Mercer?

How many of you think you're going? I can definitely say right now that I am going. Ring of Combat was awesome so this next event looks even better.

Josh, good luck with your fight, you will have to give us all the details on Mercer-Kimbo. I hope Mercer runs Kimbo over. I know Mercer is on tough fighter but his age worries me going into this fight.

Thanks, Josh. I'll be rooting for you.

Josh, when is the event? I tried to look it up and got 3 different dates. Most of them said June 23rd though. Is that right?

I'm going.

Is it on PPV?

It should be. But if you go to Atlantic City it'll be off the hook. Trust me.

And lets not forget Kimbo's crew will have the after party dialed in big time. It's really a win win here.

i hope mercer kicks the shit outta kimbo

awesome... I can't wait!