Are You Outraged?

By this:


Getting "outraged" is for the weak.

lol @ getting outraged over that pic.  

I kind of feel like I should be more outraged than I am, but I've been so conditioned to accept that the law and culture in America supports open racism against white people that it's just kind of whatever, but when you picture it reversed and try to imagine what would happen to the life and career of a white entertainer who posted a pic like that, it almost seems irresponsible to not feel something about it.

I have no beef with African Americans, or even double standards, but this pic alludes to a pretty extreme double standard, imo.

It's like if Joe Rogan posted a pic of a white man whipping black slaves in a field with a silhouette of Jimmy Carter smiling in the sky.

Yes, I'm outraged. It represents a terrible time when black Americans brutalized so many white slaves.

ranier wolfcastle -

It's totally inappropriate.

It's lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous. Phone Post 3.0