Are you supposed to like a chick's funk?

donkypunch55 - 

Yeah, it's all about genetic compatibility.  I love my wife dirty.  Not like day 4 camping dirty (although I'll do what I gotta) but after an hour of rolls or a long run?

Fuck yes, that shit drives me nuts.  It's a marker for genetic compatibility.  We gonna have healthy ass babies.

I've been with girls that are conventionally "hotter" than my wife that have turned me off by the way they smell.  Not bad.  Just not...... hot.

Its part of the reason I married her.  We've been fucking for 15 years and each time is better than the last.


I like a little “course of the day” musk.

Sometimes more than others. There are different levels of “in the mood” if you know what I mean.

Also, I learned at a young age… after enough kicks, the stronger smell tends to dissipate:)

Weird ass thread.....

Hope all fighters make it to the event injury free because damn that's a good card! Phone Post 3.0

jcross -

Korean women do not smell. Genetics won't allow it, look it up. They are born without the stink molecule. 

That is super interesting and I will go look it up. Thanks

from a doctor on quora…

Not all women have a strong smell, just the ones you were with. Sorry about your luck. Keep trying. 

TY Slice for taking time out of your busy sex life to create your 4th alt here after being banned and spam dumbass threads. You must be passing up on a lot of pussy.

I've never understood guys who think you have to like smelly pussy to be straight. I mean when I was younger I would fuck whatever I could get but after I got some standards I quit doing that shit. 

Briscoe -
the spirit of a pervert -

A very strong Vagina smell the musky type is very appealing to me. 

Only been with one who had that and it was a huge turn off for me. 

Same. She wanted me to go down on her. HAH no.