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Did 2's tonight with MD2020 (mage, pally). My first time to ever do arena as a mage. We went 5-11, but my question is How is frost so strong for others? We went 1-7 with me as frost, but went 4-4 when I went arcane. My elemental kept breaking my sheep every match. I would sheep and it would frost bolt the sheep. It ruined a few matches for us.

I had no answers for 2 druids teams. The 1 DK we fought just raped me. If you arena as a magecould you give me some tips.

Do you keep your pet on passive? Phone Post

-Glyph your poly for when you have to make a CC switch.
-Keybind your pet/elemental attack button so you can tell it which target you want it to attack otherwise it's a cluster fuck. And keep it on passive.
-Time Deepfreeze for your burst/burn phase and shatter combo
-Feral druids will rape you badly, welcome to world of class imbalances. Sometimes you come out on top, others not.
-Don't be scared to use Ice block early to make the other team have to reset. Most mages use it when they are one shot from being dead and unless you get a heal it's gg.

Like Sean says, there's better arena comps for you to play. But if that's not an option it just takes some work to get your strats down. Some comps will just destroy you, but that's the game.

yea see if your pet is on aggresive and try defensive instead. A DK will rape a mage so not your fault, prob should let MD handle the DK. If you like Arcane roll with it man. Also it takes playing with someone awhile before you 2 get in sync. Here man try this for your arcane spec

Yea i looked at your spec, change it to wait I posted and change your glyphs so you have

Mage Armor, Arcane Blast, Slow and Blink in there.

mako how close is your priest to 85?

My pet was on def and i would redirect it's attack, but it would go right back to the sheep.
Yeah I forgot to respec for 85 Ry, so thanks. I use IB when I have a bit of bleeds or dots on me. I never wait until almost dead. Thanks for the advice. In bg's and 1v1 I do not have too much issues as frost or arcane, but in arena frost is not working so well. I feel like I have higher burst and control with slow, pom poly and instant invis. Will check youtube and that link. Thanks for the tips.

billyzane - mako how close is your priest to 85?

He's 3/4 the way to 85. I had to log him in and check haha, I haven't been on KJ for a week or more now. I got sick of queues so leveled a couple other toons.

What's your gear like? resil? It would make sense that you can more easily blow stuff up as arc until people have more resil and cc will matter more ala Frost.

Just find a feral to do 2's with and destroy everything.

Ok thanks everyone for your tips. We went 5-3 this week. We got off to a rough start going 0-3 then knocked off 5 straight. I learned that I was using deep freeze wrong or at the wrong time. Once I started using it to cc the healer then silence them we raped.

 I can't even get to 85. I log on with all intentions, but get bored in like 2 minutes and log off. I've been 84 for days.

I now have 2 85's and the mage is a blast, but I broke up lvling with running bg's and ganking alliance for all the hell they put my shaman through.

Oh, just got my vicious gladiator spellblade.

pulsar - What's your gear like? resil? It would make sense that you can more easily blow stuff up as arc until people have more resil and cc will matter more ala Frost.

Just find a feral to do 2's with and destroy everything.

My gear is the crafter Ember gear. I now have 1452 resil because I still do not have the head piece. My polymorph stays on no one. I cast it and 1 sec later they are out no matter how many times I put it on them.

The crafted gear is insane expensive in terms of levelling profs relative to other xpacs... Is that just blizzard's attempt at an even greater timesink? For instance Adding in another stage having to make folded obsidium out of obsidium bars, for a bs'er, wtf is that!?

Just read a study that 11% of players account for 50% of game time. It's roughly that percentage that acieve greatness in arena or even raiding hard more 25's, so I'm just not going to have that much time or energy for it.

Yeah it is taking a ton of mats to get my bs up, but I am making a tone of gold. I am very disappointed in rated bg's. Oh well I will stick to arenas I guess.

DB quest twilight highlands for some blue gear to pvp in.

I ran double dps with griz and it was 50/50 and we still almost hit out weekly point cap. Gay Phone Post

i wonder how many people here think they suddenly got a lot better at arena with the MMR bugging that was going on :)

^you had to bug it had to leave the games before they ended to get the benefit and I doubt many people even knew about it. The ones that exploited it are probably more serious arena players than most on here

double post

What is the MMR bug?