arena tips/strategy

ok..i suck at arena

warror/pally team, which is supposed to be a good pairing.

ive only played 3 games so i have no idea what im doing.

anybody have some tips?

my tip should'nt have joined with me! lol

we'll do better once i respec dude, don't worry about it

i know we'll get better, but im such a newb at it, i need to learn the

right now i run around like a chicken with its head cut off.

been hitting the bg's pretty hard the last couple days, almost have enough honor to get my fear trinket, so that will help.

but damn, pally healing in a bg, is like free honor. spam heals, then die quick to get all your mana back or sit and drink if thats an option, rinse and repeat. im getting like 2500 honor a day, doing like 4 or 5 EOTS's.