Ari Shaffir (amazing racist)

yes we have all seen his old videos, but i was un-aware of a few of the newer ones he did last year... so maybe some of you were also un-aware of them.

and yes the people are actors, and it is still funny...

inAPPropiate Comedy- On Netflix.

In Phone Post 3.0





Does he listen to country music?

These were funny long ago when I thought they were can tell they are rehearsed, look at the free boat ride alone.

I still give you vus though op lol.

yes, they are actors, and it is still funny.

xsrg, im out of up arrows, ill try to VU tomorrow.

thanks for posting vids

Sub Phone Post 3.0

Find the one with the Mexicans crossing the border.


Ari is a funny son of a bitch. Racist? I'm going with, No. Odd? Absolutely. Phone Post 3.0

the comments on the videos are hilarious. some of these people really dont know its fake, or done with actors.