Ariel going back to MMAFighting and to The Ringer…

The MMA Hour is back August 16th and will be 2 days a week. He’ll also have an exclusive Spotify podcast with The Ringer. He will also use his YouTube channel for independent work.

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Good for him

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I wonder if he’s getting $500k…

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I used to always watch him before he went to ESPN. His woke anti Trump stuff turned me off, but I would still watch some of his stuff. After he tried to shit on Gina and make himself a victim I’ll never click on anything he is part of.


I don’t give a fuck about a fucking reporter. How bored is the world if we are reporting on reporters? Jesus, dude. I’m tired of hearing about this guy.


I’m glad more and more retired fighters are getting into the media side of the sport. Hopefully “real reporters” will eventually be phased out altogether.

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I used to watch him religiously but the ESPN “production value” turned me off. Flashy shit designed for 14 year olds. Get off my lawn.

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He will make over double that with everything he’s got going on. The ESPN offer was a low ball offer. Either they’re cutting salaries or were told by UFC/Dana to low ball him.

$500k+ from the Ringer, MMA fighting, and his YouTube channel?

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If Ariel said he wanted to be a cuckold while I see to his wife, I’d do my duty for the MmaHour
Mazel tov :sweat_drops::menorah::star_of_david: