Ariel Helwani being ALPHA (You read that correct)

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Best part is at the 3:00 mark punking Frankie Edgar lol

Ariel gets too much hate here. He knows his shit and he does stand his ground quite often.

Yeah, he pushes buttons sometimes but he’s an entertainer as much as he is a journalist.


Only problem I have with Ariel is that he comes off like a weasel when someone doesnt agree with him.

Also he acts like a fan boy with certain fighters as opposed to an unbiased journalist. And he is always trying to hype up certain fights because of some wwe type “storyline” bs. Other than that he is cool

I’ve always liked Ariel but I can understand how his personality can rub people the wrong way. With all that said loved that video.

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That video was fun :slight_smile: I never, ever got the Ariel hate here, or elsewhere.