Aries/Neville will steal the show at Mania.

Fact. I just hope WWE doesn't give them a 5 minute match. 

I've seen and heard him, but never seen him wrassle.

It a 6 hour show, they better get 20 mins minimum

I thought the cruiserweight championship was being defended in the 6 man ladder match.

That match has a ton of potential 

Hyped to see it. Neville has been killing it and Aries is awesome.

Ive been a fan of Aries for a while. I don't know why but Neville just does not do it for me. i dont see the appeal.

Will be hard to do when they are giving 3 minutes

Neville has been great since turning heel.  Agreed this should be a great match. 

Could easily be match of the night....could EASILY only get 5 minutes