Arizona Legacy

Arizona is one of the best breeding grounds for new MMA talent. Why?

How did it happen out there?



You have a point Aaron, but it has happened. Peace.


I hope this thread is not lost John P. Give us your perspective. Granted
there may be debate, but it is time for a little history given the current
UFC. Regardless of the situation with Joe, having the potential of Drew
and Joe on the same card does speak volumes for the Arizona MMA

until Riggs won at UFC 49, Arizona had gone 8 1/2 years without a UFC victory. And the majority seem to have some trouble picking up pick wins outside of Arizona (outside of Riggs and Fickett)

How many other states wen 8 1/2 years without a UFC victory
RKING85? Just curious. I said "new talent." "Check out the big brain
on RKING85." What's your point?


two fighters makes them a great breeding ground? Outside of Riggs and Fickett, who is so great?

Sorry bro for not being more specific. Santino DeFranco, Edwin
DeWees, Joe Riggs, Drew Fickett, Kyle Breeze, Homer Moore, James
Atwood, A Dawg Sullivan, Cory "Tugboat" Timmerman,Vince Lucero. A
small sample. Not champions per se, but fighters that have stepped up
over time (UFC,IFC,KOTC, ROTR,WEC, RITC, etc). Given the limited
exposure and small market, Arizona has made an impact.

Defranco is definitly a pretty solid fighter. Deweese isn't bad, but it's hard to think of him without thinking of him nearly getting killed in his fight with Franklin. Riggs and Fickett are definitly good. Breese has lost everytime he has taken a step up in competition (Jhun and Fickett for example). Homer Moore I believe doesn't have a single win outside of Arizona and Mexico. Attwood is pretty good, although he hasn't fought in a while. All of Cory Timmerman's win have come against nobodys.

Like I said earlier, outside of Riggs and Fickett I don't think their is anyone who is UFC ready right now. and outside of Defranco, I don't think anyone has a shot at being in their within the next 5 years unless they make a serious leap forward.

Ray Steinbeiss will be in the UFC in the next 3 years, he just needs to fight more often.