Arizona peeps!

I have not been training due to this insanely demanding job that I accepted along with becoming a father and going to school full time. I have not been on the mat for over 18 months and have not even seen a gym for the past 6 months. I am literally in the worst shape of my life.

School is about out I wanted to start training again. I need to relieve some stress, drop some pounds, and get back in shape. The only thing is that I moved from Scottsdale to Laveen. Is there anyplace in Laveen that anyone knows of to train. Are there any group of guys who get together out here and roll/spar. Or is there any gym close by?

Any help finding a place would be greatly appreciated.

Not sure of anything that far south to be honest with you.

There are a couple schools in Tempe/Mesa/Ahwatukee. Not sure how close they are to your location though.

I'm kinda in a similar boat myself. I moved to North Scottsdale and there aren't any nearby places to train.