Arlovski chin surgery?!?!

you are still looking at this?!?!?....a nerve bundle removed seriously buahhahahaha.....I am so bored i need a tv....but i guess with threads like "If brock lesnar bitch slapped you..." this wasn't a bad click

 Yeah you are:)

 How you healing up, Todd?

wish people would laugh

grachuss - Do they even have a surgery for that?

they can remove your jaw

at least that way he wouldn't get hit on it anymore

grachuss - When are you gunna' fight Kimbo?

 when u quit being a fagoot


i like sarcasm....but i get that question for real all the time so i had to hit you up one time nice n proper but you seem like a good guy with a sense of humor unlike the rest of these felllows

Where can I buy some 'Muscle Juice' and how much?

You have a jawline like Superman, what are you worried about?


Todd Duffee - was that for real.....i know guys get the nose surgery and the eye brow shaving but make your chin better....i think the ufc strikeforce etc should buy this for all fighters go ahead an not chance it on ne of them and then body shots galore and neck chops really bored

We can build him stronger....better ....faster.... we have the technology!

oh my

For a guy who hasn't beat anyone you talk a lot of shit.

Why are we wasting time? 

Duffee vs Lesnar. 

Twostep - For a guy who hasn't beat anyone you talk a lot of shit.

 for a guy who has a faceless internet profile you got alot of balls......who do i talk shit about ne ways?

 that is a fantastic jaw line.  

jay1220 - Duffee vs Roy Nelson

i want to see that fight

 probably never we train together

AA and Fedor.

I don't have a problem with it, just saying. And it's not balls bro, just a fan opinion.

I'm still hoping for a fight with Buentello

Todd, any chance you could ask for McSweeney next ? I think that cat needs knocked out.

Thanks in advance, brah.