Arlovski coming back too soon?

Don't boxers take some time off after getting KOed and then (usually) fight a scrub to make sure that they still have it before the rematch?

I think that Arlovski is much more skilled than Sylvia and will win the rematch if he is careful, but I wonder if he is rushing it...

guess his sponsors are pissed?

it was a TKO not a KO, but I still think the commission would make him sit one ufc out.

it's not the commission, it's his confidence at taking a hit and how his brain would react to getting hit (ie. it knows that passing out stops the discomfort now)

still pick Arlovski to win though

Good fight every time they fight.

AA is as ready as anyone has ever been.

to have come from belarus and to have become the UFC champion of the world is a huge achievement in itself.

to be in such good health coming from belarus proves to me he has allways been a fighter.

ufc has to put on this fight b/c you can't just sell ufc 61 on forrest vs. shamrock, they need a title fight... with franklin and chuck still recovering, and hughes fighting in may, this is really the only way to there isn't anybody who is more of a contender for the title than arlovski, so he gets the rematch, and hopefully wins

Nah. It was a short fight. Not a bad knockout either, he was up and around quickly, not really wobbly or unconcious.

Take a couple of weeks off with only some light trianing, and then get back to work. I think the actual medical suspension, if you are cleared, is like four to six weeks before you can fight again.

It wasn't a KO, you inbred fuckers! AA was knocked down and was pinned down by TS.

if you watched carefully, AA was partially blocking some of those punches, but coudln't do anything because he was pinned down.

AA wins the trimatch.

["It wasn't a KO, you inbred fuckers! AA was knocked down and was pinned down by TS."]

Okay, tko, then. He was freakin' knocked loopy and dropped to get into that position in the first place.