Arlovski on EXC Heat Card ?

I am glad to see him still fighting, but is he just gonna float around org. to org.? No more Affliction?....

Dana needs to get him back.

Lets go Andre!!!!

if he is getting paid who cares we get to see it.
dangerous no win fight for him though but have to admire that he wants to remain active

Id like to see him KO Randy


 My understanding is that he's still under contract with Affliction. Affliction is working with EliteXC to make this fight happen.

 Affliction is paying his fee; EliteXC gets a good fighter in their paper-thin roster, Affliction gets a CBS audience knowing who they are.

Elite is paying his fee for this fight, not affliction.

I dont care if Miley Syrus pays his fee, as long as he's fighting, and like Billyz said, remains active.