Arlovski/PedePano *fence grabbing*

I havn't been on here since the UFC, so I appologize if this has been discussed, but it is illegal to hold the fence, and while PeDe Pano was rolling for the knee bar, AFTER Dean interfered because of the kick, Arlovski was holding the fence wthe WHOLE time he was hitting Pano for the stoppage. HORRIBLE reffing job by Dean. Interrupting the fight was bad enough, but then that... not even noticing it was like old NWA days with someone holding the ropes for leverage with a figure four! :)

it has been alot.


dean had to say some to AA for kicking cruz in the head......& was going
to stand them up & left them on the floor due to cruz protesting the stand he left them in a position cruz wanted....which
unfortunately ..gave AA the opportunity to place his punch to the jaw of
cruz.......then when cruz was getting pounded ....while going for AA's leg
dean wasn't paying attention to AA grabbing the fence as he was watching
to make sure cruz was ok......just maybe ....some error in judging coupled
with some bad luck for cruz & good fortune for AA.....

it's not a perfect world......& they don't have instant replays & 4 ref's....the
ref has to make a call judging by what he sees & he's rarely going to see
every thing

We were all screaming, "He's grabbing the fence, Herb!".

Herb didn't hear us and seemed to be watching the fight as a fan rather than a ref. He completely ignored us.

Then again, we were watching on TV.