Arlovski song?

anyone know the name of the song he came to the octagon with last weekend??

onward to victory by Hatebreed

Song Title... I just got whooped by Tim Silvia!!!!

Hatebreed is awesome.

Grapple god is correct.

Onward to Victory by Icepick...which is the lead singer of Hatebreed

I believe he lost because he cut his hair.

might be icepick but it was labeled as hatebreed on limewire

So funny on the promo's when he would call himself the "Pitbull" sounded like a 12 year old retard who was struggling to say a new word.....and yes I realize he is a russion.

Saint Dogg Belarus used to be called White Russia during the U.S.S.R. days and is now Belarus and it's very close to Russia and they speak Russian as far as I know.BTW the song is great and he has come out to it for a very long time now.