Arlovski spends week in Japan with troops - video

 Andrei Arlovski recently spent a week in Japan with our U.S. Marine troops. He spent time training with them, hanging out, and talking with some of his fans. Here is a video documentary day by day of the entire week. A very rare and cool look at how one of the world's top MMA fighters dedicates his time. There's a lot of cool parts but one of the coolest parts is seeing Andrei on day 7 shoot fully automatic machine guns and letting it rip wide open. Andrei Arlovski spends a week in Japan |



What are the troops doing in Japan?

nikmisko - What are the troops doing in Japan?

the US has Navy bases in Japan... there are always troops there

Thanks i wasnt aware US had so many bases all over the world. No wonder they need 700 billion