Arlovski vs. Cro Cop!?!?

Sorry just wanted to give the band wagon a scare..

Arlovski by armbar.

Crocop is a dungerous man.

I wan to be the first to say that.

Well, get in line behind the million UGers who say it like it's still something ominous and clever every day.

Cro by decap kick followed by orbital bone smashing right-left

I dont know about this one... could go any way.. they both fight like there middle weights.. who ever lands the bomb will win

Arvloski looked really good tonight...but not that good.

Arlovski is really good, but he is not the level of crocop, at least not standing. Rizzo did Ko him, and i dont think rizzo's on the level after seeing his k-1 fight, although rizzo is one of the best mma strikers.

Well I guess if your joe rogan arlovski is a k-1 level striker.

If Arlovski used his striking to set uop a very close quarter takedown, he'd win. If he thinks his striking can KO Cro Cop..he'd wake up an hour later and realize he was wrong.

CroCop by left high kick

Crocop by KO, easily.


thinktom is on to something

Tough fight. When thinking of Cro cop I always think about the Randleman factor and him getting caught.

Tough fight but I think CC better standing and AA wouldnt be able to get the take down if he needed it.

Make it happen!

If Tim Sylvia cracks Cro cop on the jaw the way he did Andre the 2nd fight Cro cop would go to sleep. With that, i think cro cop would win by ko or decision with andre on his bycicle. Andre has a good chance though.

Cro-cop by KO. Anyone who doubts this hasn't been paying attention.