oh my god if Arlovski starts koing people like he used to

and they make this fight

i will cum in my pants

2 amazing boxers with big power (arlovski can be argued to have more power since he KOd roy nelson and JDS couldnt)

Jds beats everyone besides cain Phone Post 3.0

One uppercut from JDS will launch Arlovskis head into orbit lol Phone Post 3.0

JDS will starch Arlovski


LOL Phone Post 3.0

WOW so we're gonna retire Arlovski already???? Phone Post 3.0

I am an Arlovski fan for life.   Saying that, lets get him someone else to fight first before JDS.

Did AA fuck your wife or something?! What did he do to you?! Phone Post 3.0

If jds's chin is still intact after the last cain fight then cain is the only one who can stop him.

He has ridiculous heart, ko power, a great chin and brilliant mma boxing at HW.

The UFC are in a real predicament with jds now. They cant keep letting him fight cain and they have to be selective with who they give him because he will derail contenders. Phone Post 3.0