Arlovski vs. Mir. Make it happen!!!!

This fight should have happened 10 years ago. You're not going to find a better time for this fight with both guys on an impressive 2-fight win-streak!

I thought this was a fight that was one of the great ones that slipped away from us. Now? It makes sense and it's 2015!? I love this sport. Phone Post 3.0

I would definitely pay to see that! Phone Post 3.0

Much rather see Mir vs aa vs Tim Sylvia in a 3 way tables ladders and chairs match Phone Post 3.0

I've been wanting to see Arlovski vs. Mir for years.

I was thinking about this matchup while Mir was walking into the ring tonight. What if he won, who next? Seems like a perfect fight to make but I hate to see one of their runs end.

AA is close to a title shot. Fun fight, but makes no sense. Will it get AA closer to the title? Phone Post 3.0

Yes Phone Post 3.0

Yes plz Phone Post 3.0