Arlovski vs Sylvia Predictions?

I say Arlovski beats the shit outta him!

AA by decapitation

thats just it...noone in the ufc will beat AA

I think AA is in for a harder fight this time, Tim will take it. Tim by "Andy Hug"-style axe-kick.

AA by Animality

Arloski is too fast for Tim. It will look pretty similiar to last fight IMO.

I think Tim's got a chance, it would be funny to see all the bangwagon hoppers though, that's why I'm going for the big shitter.

Tim Sylvia by shitting all over Arlovski

monkey poo kung fu is Shilvia's only hope!

I say Arlovski by KO in the 2nd round.

Arlovski has been training his ass off.  Which is good, I'd hate to see him take this lightly.  Either way however, he will destroy Tim in the first round by which ever opportunity presents itself first.  

AA by chest hair choke


I'm with you on that Ray. Just look at what happened to Kharitonov and Shogun.

Tim puts him to sleep this time.

I don't like Tim.

But Tim puts him to sleep this time.


"AA by chest hair choke " LMFAO...ROTF!!!!!!BWahahahahahah