Arlovski Will be champ AGAIN!

HE WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is he going to KOTC?

is he going to Pride?

He is getting chin implants and a new heart?

LOL Brutal

CroCop doesn't approve of this thread.

Weak troll job!@

I am a fan of Alovskis, but he owes Pa De Pano a rematch. That bizarre stoppage and restart ruined the fight.

"but he owes Pa De Pano a rematch"

Do you hate PDP? Do you really want to see Arloski KO him again?

He doesn't owe PDP shit.

"Defend yourself at all times."

""Defend yourself at all times.""

So I can walk across the ring and KO you in between rounds?


PDP got his ass beat becuase he went for a leg lock and that shit happens deal with it people for shit's sake.Anderei has amazing skills and it's funny he went from not going to lose a fight in the UFC in forever to being a guy who is no good anymore because he got beaten.

Also didn't help Pe De Pano's chances when Arlovksi cheated and lanced onto the cage with all his might to maintain position.

Besides one win over Sylvia and a bunch of cans he hasn't done anything. He has and always will be overrated.

I didn't get to see the fight because of work, but I wanted to see PDP lose. So regardless of what happened I'm glad he lost. He can stick his tongue out if he wants. JKB

Not likely.