Arm bar gone bad advice needed

So I was rolling with a purple belt and he became a little to aggresive with an arm bar which led to my dominant right arm being hyperextended.

This must be normal in bjj and judo. What have you done to help heal your arm heal better,faster, so on and so forth?

How long does it usally take for your arm to start moving normally and the pain when applying force to go away?

I tried the hot and cold then compress thing,and Ive been rubbing rub 55 and cool blue on it, but Im bouncing off the walls not being able to train. I need some help or some advice asto what to expect by recovering from this little mishap.

Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation is always the magic formula.

Don't jump back into using it until you're sure that it's healed up. Give it enough time to heal properly....jumping back in when it still feels weak will only lead to more serious injuries and more time away from training.

Good luck!

If it popped a few times it will never be the same.  If it just got tweaked but not popped it should heal sooner or later.  Both my elbows have been popped at one time or another and it took a long time for them to heal but its clear that the joint doesn't feel like it used to. 

Hey man, I'm sorry to hear about that. Which purple belt was that? Did it happen at Torontobjj? Usually at purple belt level they should know enough to have control...

Twinkletoes is right. You can also try working around the injury by training without the use of your arm and training at a much lower intensity and with a lot of care.

Believe me, I know what you mean about going crazy not being able to train. But without a doubt the best thing to do is give your arm time to heal before using it in training.

Hope you get better soon!


P.S. Are you still going to be able to fight soon? I thought I was going to see you at Siam#1's fights on Saturday.

When I get hurt like that I try to focus on technique only and withought the use of the hurt limb at all. It gives you a look at submissions in a different way and I find it helps me realize what I'm doing wrong by doing only technique.

I'd just roll light, focus on technique.

After a pop, I do the RICE stuff above. RICE=rest/ice/ compression/elevation. Then, (after it calms down some) I make myself maintain full range of motion, even if I have to hold a one or two pound dumbbell in my hand a few times during the day and just let it dangle with my arm straight as I go about my biz. Experience has taught me that it is important to not let the tramatized tendons shorten as they heal.

I also wrap the elbow above and below to support the soft tissue for a few days. Esp. if you return to training soon.

The good news is that each time, I seem to heal quicker or at least, it takes more to hurt the elbow after it gets permanately loosened.

I have been doing everything everyone has recommended except the 1 pound dumbell thing, that I will give a try immidiatly.

I guess no matter what belt you are you sometimes lose control for a split second, only this time the buddy was holding onto my arm. No biggie people get hurt, but for personal reasons I wont role with that said indavidual again ,just incase I lose control.

It didnt pop out but it felt like something ripped or pulled, I felt and heard the tearing sound , so I was a little freaked.

It happend on saturday the day of the saim #1 fights which was one reason I didnt attend,I was already bumbed out. And I wont support siam #1 until they are part of the camtao, it's not faire that I as a fighter have to pay to register to fight and my team and school have to abide by certain organizationzal rules yet his school and fighters dont. It doesnt work like that , if they want to eat and drink the same food that we pay for then they should also abide by the same rules.

The arm is healing and does feal stronger every day, but it's still abit sore.Im so freaking mad that it happened, but it taught me to really focus on technique when roling, and the next time some guy starts to become a little too aggresive im just going to sit up and ask them to cool down and explain to them the reason hoping they could understand.

Im a striker trying to better my ground game their was no need for what happened, and it wont happen again.

Im sorry for ranting , but I felt the need . I do appologize again.

Thanx for all the input as this might help other grapplers some day, at least my misfortune could shed some light for my fellow friends which I havent met yet.

Thanx again cheers.

purple belt should not lose control like that

You have another 40 years or so to train right? If you get too ansy tuck your hurt arm into your belt and play one arm open guard. It's good for your guard game. I did alot of rolling the other day with one arm tucked into my belt because my shoulder was sore. It was actually fun. Make your partner do the same.