Arm Wrestling - Devon Larratt, Michael Todd, Schoolboy, Larry Wheels compete May 28th!

I posted this on the OG, but I think it would gain more traction here.

Anybody else been following this? There’s a huge Arm Wrestling event tomorrow in Dubai called King of the Table consisting of 3 matches:

Devon “No Limits” Larratt vs. Monster Michael Todd
Schoolboy vs. Larry Wheels
Coach Ray Liepins vs. Mazahir Saidu

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Note that the even starts tomorrow at 9pm Dubai time so 1pm Est (check your timezone). The PPV is only around $10 I believe, I ordered it at the early-bird price .

I haven’t been excited for such an event in a long time, feels a bit like the early UFC days where I’m counting down the days and hours before the event!

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