Arm Wrestling Thread

East vs. West 4 starting in 20 minutes. Just bought the PPV for $15 USD. Pretty good card!

  • John Brzenk (USA) vs Kydirgaly Ongarbayev (KAZ)
  • Jerry Cadorette (USA) vs Genadi Kvikvinia (GEO)
  • Gabriela Vasconcelos (BRA) vs Egle Vaitkute (LTU) [L&R]
  • Chance Shaw (USA) vs Zurab Tavberidze (GEO)
  • Kody Merritt (USA) vs Artyom Morozov (KAZ) [L]
  • Todd Hutchings (USA) vs Evgeny Prudnyk (UKR)
  • Derek Smith (USA) vs Revaz Lutidze (GEO)
  • Dave Chaffee (USA) vs Artyom Morozov (KAZ)
  • Marcio Barboza (BRA/USA) vs Arif Ertem (TUR)
  • Corey Miller (USA) vs Daniel Procopciuc (MDA)
  • Bozhidar Simeonov (BGR) vs Davit Samushia (GEO)
  • Ryan Bowen (AUS) vs Coach Ray (LVA)
  • Oleg Zhokh (UKR) vs Davit Dadikyan (ARM)
  • Krasimir Kostadinov (BGR) vs İrakli Ziraqashvili (GEO)
  • Sandris Sedis (LVA) vs Lachlan Adair (AUS)
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How was the event?


thx @OblongBox

Tank top, cowboy hat, sunglasses indoor dude putting out serious active gaydar

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Haha thats Paul Italia, hes a roided up guido promoter who claims to have ties to the real life Goodfellas or whatever.

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I liked it, always enjoy East vs. West as it’s good bang for the buck. The first half dozen matches weren’t competitive at all but I don’t mind matches going 3-0 than dragging out and wasting time. The rankings always get shaken up after an event such as this with upsets and such.

Chance Shaw and Jerry Cadorrette impressed for the West, ironically they have a feud against one another so we’ll see if that match will end up happening. Artyom Morozov impressed for the East as he took down both Dave Chaffee and Kody Merritt.

Derek Smith and the Australians Ryan Bowen and Lachlan Adair all suffered embarrassing losses.

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