Armageddon Comments

It was funny when Orton covered RVD for the pin and he was supposed to grab the ropes but missed. Foley stopped like he was supposed too but RVD didn't have the ropes. Ross didn't say anything but Lawler called him on it.

The Hurricane fucked up on a move and fell over the top ropes and got the "you fucked up" chant.

Shawn Micheals looks like a moron and overacts way to much. I thought he looked stupid when he was getting ready for the superkick and leaving the ring. I wish they would have just let Batista squash him.

Hearing the "she's got herpes" chant during the dudley's match made me laugh and brought back memories of ecw.

Forgot how hot Lita and Trish are, both looked good tonight.

I can't believe they put the belt back on HHH. I'm not a big Goldberg fan but I don't like HHH either. Could see it coming though with evolution winning all of the titles up to that point. Looks good when a stable has all the gold, wonder what happens to Goldberg now though?

What was up with the Maven/Matt Hardy match? Was that ever a waste of time. It looks like Maven's been hitting the juice as of late. I haven't watched wrestling in awhile and he's looking a little larger, must be the vitamins.

Lastly, Stacy Keibler in a cheerleading outfit jumping around is always appreciated.


I thought Zenk was only OK as a worker, but his interviews after he left the business were awesome! He is harsh and very honest.

Where can I read those Zenk interviews?

LOL@ Zenk's creativity! His interviews are VERY VERY good. He has his own site, I can't remember what it was, though. I found it outrageous when I found out just why he was so willing to job so much at the end of his WCW career- he had almost a guaranteed contract and was making serious cash. Mgmt didn't like him, and did things like split him up his Pillman tag team, never mind the fans liked them. He then got jobbed repeatedly, because they hoped he it would break his spirit and he would go to Japan or somewhere else. He said, "You're not going to beat me... for $100,000 a year, I would have buffed the floor at one CNN Center." He also revealed that he was one half of the masked "Mexican" team that challenged Austin and Pillman in a steel cage (on some big PPV). His partner was Steamboat, who took off his own mask during the match. They wore masks because Shane Douglas was Steamboat's partner, but was disputing his contract.

LOL at Scotch Hall and No-Knees Nash. That HGH is on top and a guy like Zenk got hung out to dry shows how screwed up this biz can be.

I remember when he first started in WCW, I really thought he'd be one of the top guys, and stay at the top. By the end, they turned him into the Human Jobbing Machine.