Armbar and Omaplata in Blade3

about 20 of us from the gym got real lifted and went to the premere of Blade:Trinity last night. Not bad

Van Wilder armbars and then transitions to Omaplata on Triple H in their climactic fight. Pretty cool, we all went nuts!

Filmmaker Greg Allen did alot of work on that movie.
Greg just happens to manage Canadian MMA fighter Denis Kang among others... :)

I'm going to assume that Greg had a big influence on those moves appearing in the film :)

Great guy too :)

ttt thats fuckin awesome....


I don't know if he trains, but he pulled it off well . . . nice transition. But I guess it could have been a stuntman, also. I was kinda drunk, so I don't remember if you can see his face or not.

it was totally sweet

It's about time.

Interesting. The armbar has made a few cameo's in movies, but that might be the first omaplata to hit the big screen.

considering the recent discussion about Cradle2theGrave, it was nice to see some legitimate techniques in a movie.

i like mel gibsons triangle in lethal weapon


Where can I find a clip of Mel Gibson's triangle choke?

you mean the leg scissor?

"does he train? who was the fight coordinator? "

Greg's a member here so hopefully he'll be able to fill in the blanks..

Yes he trains, and I belive he has something to do with the fight coordinator and also weapons...

I know he worked on the previous Blade film also...

I saw it last night with a group of friends/training partners as well and thought it was pretty cool.

it was fun, not much plot. Parker Posey was a creepy vampire.

Roger was yelling "break his fucking neck!!"