Armbar from Backmount details

Eye opener for me.

thanks for sharing. it is an interesting idea..  I usuallly just go flow grip on the armbar arm 1on1->2on1->kimura grip then when I swing my leg out and over breaking the posture and go straight to a sitting armbar position.  


To me it looks like If the opp senses the armbar is coming they have the ability to cross arms and grab the shin for a off centered stack.   Like in that picture before the video starts couldn't the opp punch his left arm deeper grabbing his left bicep and right arm push on that shin over his head?  


I'm gonna try this tonight!

^then if they do that switch to leg over the face

Sorry I meant left arm deeper grabbing his right bicep and then right hand grabbing/blocking the shin. Like a RNC. switching to belly down and stacking.    I'm sure it has a name, but I just call it the saulo escape.    I use this to counter the face pressure.. no?  Maybe I'm a gi guy so for me once the leg is caught because of the pants I usually lose the ability to put that neck pressure back on.