Armbar setups?

Got any setups for the cross grip armbar from the guard, without the gi? (When I say "cross grip", I'm referring to the standard way of your, say, right hand pulling his right tricep across your stomach and your left hand pulling his right wrist and/or cupping his left shoulder).

I could never armbar anyone from the guard until I started doing it from the "high guard" (some people call it the "cooked guard") in which you have one leg over a shoulder. But I would like to be able to armbar from other types of guards and with other set ups.

I don't think I'm the only one with this problem. I don't think I've ever seen anyone do the standard cross grip armbar in a submission grappling or MMA tournament, actually. But then again, I haven't seen THAT many tournaments since there aren't anyones near where I live.

Here are the setups that I can think of at the moment:

1. Underhooking an arm from the closed guard, legs right under his armpits, and clasping your hands to pull the arm across. Cupping the far shoulder when his elbow is on your stomach/chest. Then get your feet in the correct places.

2. Cross gripping from the both-arms-on-one-side guard.

My mind just went blank...

Yeah. Well you basically just described a high guard armbar, right?

Dhira, if I understand you correctly, you are talking about first putting your leg on top of his shoulder and then over his head - and skipping the crossing of the ankles part like you would do with the high guard, right? Sometimes you can get a leg on the shoulder and even spin but can't cross your ankles. I've seen this quite often in MMA competitions, actually.