Armbars: questions and comments

Just a general thread on armbars. Things like:

1)Which was the most brutal one you ever saw (maybe a broken arm). Mir on Sylvia a few months ago. Try to be specific so I can try to get the video.

2)The best escape (the guy that just fought Carlos Newton in Pride comes to mind). It looked like a good armbar but the guy didn't tap so Carlos gave up on it, or he moved wrong and the guy got out of it.

3)The toughest SOB you can remember who never tapped out of an armbar. I don't think Frye ever tapped out from Yoshida's armbar. I think the ref stopped it. Also, I remember one of the Gracie's (maybe Ralph) armbared a Jap fighter about 2 or 3 yrs back in Pride. The guy had talked a lot of smack cause he had beaten another Gracie, and it was revenge time. I don't think the guy tapped (if I remember right) and his arm was bent back pretty far.

You like to see arms broken, don't you?

Jason Smith, Oyama never tapped right? I see on sherdog that it was a  tko armbar not a submission armbar. What a tough SOB.


jonpall, I don't like to see arms get broken. It's more like I am fascinated by how tough some of these guys are. Like Oyama and Frye. They don't tap out, even though it's gotta hurt like a bitch, and they end up getting their arm broken.

I never knew Royce broke his arm. I'm pretty sure I saw the first 3 or 4 UFCs. Anyway, thanks for the info, always good to know.

Just for clarification...the only true broken of all mentioned so fat is the Mir/Silvia armbar. All of the rest have been hyperextended joints.

best in Health and Training, J. R.

Most Brutal. Mir vs Sylvia

Best Escape. Kohsaka vs Ricco, or Tamura vs Mino

Toughest SOB. Crunkleton vs Franca

JRSFITNESS1, did you see the slow mo on the Mir, Sylvia one? The problem was that Mir was mistakenly trying to pivot his arm below the elbow instead of at the elbow. And then Tim is wondering why the ref stopped the fight. The adrenaline kicked in and he didn't feel a thing. WHICH REMINDS ME...READ BELOW FOR SEVERAL PAINLESS BROKEN BONES OF MY OWN. AMAZING HOW THE BODY WORKS!!!

I broke my left radius while horse playing when I was 18. I didn't feel any pain. But I did get pale, cold, and I remember I got irregular heart beats.

Also, had a bad motorcycle accident at 20. Broke my left wrist, left collar bone, right pinky, and nasty gash right below my right knee cap. No pain on.

Anyway, it was the classic motorcycle accident where you are going down the road and someone coming the other way makes a left on you. Problem is that I was going 65 in a 25 and the lady misjudged how fast I was going. I was racing someone and I had looked back for a second. When I turned around, it was too late, I was almost right on her. I heard a loud noise when I hit, I went into the air and I remember seeing the roof of the car. Next thing I remember is waking up on my back like 30 ft from the car. On the oposite side from where I hit. I was airborn dude!!! I hit that car so hard they had to towe it cause I bent the rear axle. This was a big heavy early 80's Ford station wagon. I was on my Honda CB1100F, and I had no insurance and no motorcycle license.

Anyway, I wake up and I have no energy, I can't even raise my arm to look at my wrist. The only reason I knew there was something wrong with my wrist is cause it felt very tight, but no pain. I also felt what seemed like broken teeth in my mouth. I thought I'd spend the rest of my life TOOTHLESS. It turns out it was broken glass from the right rear window of the car. Oh, and my glasses flew out of my full face helmet, that's how hard I hit. I remember I always used to have to put my helmet on, then my glasses which fit snugly. I did have my visor open.

Anyway, so they get me to the hospital and the doctor is feeling around my body to see what hurts me, and nothing hurt. The reason I knew I had a broken collar bone is because when the doctor whas feeling around he poked at it and it moved, but it still didn't hurt. It broke about half way between the neck and shoulder. The only time I felt pain was when I went into xray. They moved me onto my side. My ribs were hurting like a MOFO. But they didn't break. How the hell does that happen? I break 3 bones and they don't hurt, my ribs don't get broken but they hurt like a bitch. I still had pieces of glass in my neck and arm months after the accident because they missed them at the hospital. I thought it was hard scar tissue but the doctor took a close look and said it was glass. A local pain killer, a couple slits with the knife, and out they came. Oh yeah and my left ear was messed up for 6 months after the accident. At first whenever I layed down or got up, I would get real dizzy. Then my ear was filled with fluid. Went away by itself after 6 montsh or so.

Ah, I feel much better, I haven't told that story for yrs. Thanks for the therapy dudes. Send me a bill.

Jacare vs. Roger Gracie for most brutal. Since he also didn't tap (and that seems to be the criteria here for "best escape") and went on to win on points, I guess it covers both categories.

Jason Smith is correct.

Watch what Ryan did to Oyama, it's so nasty, the look on Oyama's face says it all.