Armed Sovereign Citizen Militia Members arrested in Mass on the way to Maine for "Training"

According to the Wakefield Police Department, several men carrying rifles and handguns took off into the woods after refusing to comply with orders after an officer pulled over to talk to the men, whose vehicles were in the interstate’s breakdown lane around 1:30 a.m. The men claimed to belong to a group that “does not recognize our laws,” police said.

The “Rise of the Moors” Sovereign citizen Militia Group, apparently?

The men appear to be adherents of the “Moorish Sovereign Citizens,” according to Mark Pitcavage, senior research fellow at the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism. Adherents assert based on conspiracy theories that they are part of a sovereign nation and are thus not subject to U.S. law.

We’re not driving, we’re travelling!


The identified suspects are: Jamhal Tavon Sanders Latimer, 29; Robert Rodriguez, 21; Wilfredo Hernandez, 23; Alban el Curraugh, 27; Aaron Lamont Johnson, 29; Quinn Cumberlander, 40; Lamar Dow, 34; and Conrad Pierre, 29.

Militias are for morons, traitors and terrorists.

Don’t give me your “what if the government turns on us” bullshit, either.

Not the OG.

The OG LOVES government and shows it everyday in its hero worship of politicians.

If the government is evil, remember you put them there with your pennant waving and propaganda. Enjoy!

No they are legally protected entities. I am not clear what law they broke. Looks like police harassment of black citizens exercising their consitional rights. This is what real racism looks like.

They had no firearms licenses for the State of Massachussetts, for one.
This story was curious to me for 2 reasons

  1. They were headed to my State for “training”. Im curious where that is.
  2. I never heard of a Black Moorish Sovereign Citizen Militia before.

Must be that white extremism we were told to watch out for this past weekend.


Firearms licenses sound like an infringement of a constitutionally protected right to me.


Which is against the constitution so fuck that law.


The Moops will rise again.

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Are you a member of the Rise of the Moors? :slight_smile:

I am not a part of any militia. But I do believe they are consitional protected entities. I also believe the condoning of harassment of black people who committed no crime is wrong. I support our police but this sounds like profiling to me.


lol at these idiots. Misspelled their own group name.


Silly fucks broke a few laws. Carrying loaded guns on the highway in MA for starters. I bet they dressed funny too.

Dressing funny in MA is punishable by death.

MA is basically a communist country.

Luckily, every one of them and everyone they hang out with are now on that big list in the sky. I’m betting those weird freaks are snitching out every other freak they’ve ever met.