Armlock Instructionals?

Do you guys think that a person would be missing anything significant regarding the topic of arm locks, that is actually available on video/DVD (I am not talking about face to face, in person instruction), if they were to have the following instructionals?

Arm Locks Volume 1 (Roy Harris, straight armlocks)
Arm Locks Volume 2 (Roy Harris, bent arm locks)
NEIL ADAMS EFFECTIVE FIGHTING Grappling 1 - Basic Armlocks
Ultimate Armbars of Russian Sambo (Igor Yakimov)
LAOH (Tony Cecchine) volumes 3 and 4
KIMURA & KEYLOCKS (Chris Brennan)

I am not looking to replace my instructor with instructionals, but would like to, for various reasons, build a good instructional library that could cover much of what is necessary for one to learn about grappling and the like.

If anyone has any suggestions/insight regarding the videos above and whether there are still some things that are essential to the understanding and implementation arm locks, e.g. an explanation about the basics of arm locks, attention to little details that make them work, setups, etc., but which are not to be found on the above tapes, please point that out and furnish some advice on which sets do cover those topics.

Thanks in advance

Other sets that cover good armlock combos are:
Erik Paulson Armbars
Erik Paulson Essential series (submission from position)
Masterclass Grappling, John Will and Dave Meyer
BJJ streetfighting Chris Hauter
Baret Yoshida series (
Baret Yoshida seminars (

definetly yoshida and paulson has some of the best out there but i havnt seen his new armlocks set

Also check out Bas Rutten's Extreme Pancrase series from Panther videos. It has an awesome arm lock tape.

Paulson's armlock series and chicken wing series are LOADED with techs./set ups that you seek.

Sakuraba's is basic but good includes grip breaking

Has anyone seen Paulson's new six tape armlock (straight arm lock) series? If so, how does it compare to the "Erik Paulson Armbars Erik Paulson Essential series" referenced by luppabroni above?

ttt for Paulson's 6-dvd set review!

the two Roy Harris tapes are a GREAT start on your list.

I'd like to hear those reviews of Paulson and Yakimov's materials.


I would go with Paulson's Arm Bar Series, and Igor Yakimov's Ultimate Armbar Series.


if you can put all of roy harris' moves on the "hard drive" then you will have all the techniques you'll ever need. for armlocks, these two videos together cant be beat. (then practice, practice, practice) just my humble opinion.

The only problem I had with Roy's straight armlocks tape is that the armbars from the guard pretty much all focused on either the spinning armlock or the elbow press, neither of which I use very much myself in sparring. I prefer a tighter "climbing" armlock for myself and my beginning students as well.

In short, I found setups that work better for me. It might work wonders for other people. The tape is still good and I would recommend it - I'd just recommend Baret Yoshida's "Amazing armbars and triangles" and Nathan Leverton's guard tapes ( more.

One could argue that Roy's tape is for beginners, since it is in his BJJ 101 series, but still, my opinion is that a tape that deals exclusively on one technique should have a bit more advanced moves than just the ra-aw basics.


Roy's armlock tapes are not part of the BJJ 101 series, BUT he considers all of his work so far (except 201) to be aimed at white and blue belts.

Why did he show the spinning versions instead of the clibming ones? Because they build fundamental movement and good habits. If you don't practice your spinning armlock (with spin), then it will be harder to do other moves that spin (triangle, omoplata, etc.). It's a training method. He KNOWS that the climbing one "works more often in sparring" for most people. However, it doesn't have that extra benefit of helping to develop your spin.

I figure you know this already--don't think I'm talking down or anything. I'm just posting it here because some people who read your post may not know this.


Esfiha's dvds have a side control that deals almost entirely on getting kimura / 4 corner lock. How to use weight and position to open the arms to get them where u want! It is awesome!