Armor Question

Thanks Matt & Gene and all. Mark your tape went out yesterday. Let us know whenyou get it, watch it and what you think of my secret weapon.



Hope all is well with you.

Question, how much protection does one get from your armor? Is it possible if we had a big enough jacket to but a judo jacket over the armor?

In plain point...

How much protection for the eyes, throat, groin, and instep?

Then you can tell me how much....

...but gently because I have a weak heart!

; )


Thanks for the inquiry. After reading this, go to this link:

Check out the info there. Then email me, I'll get you a full info pack.


A couple of comments on Jake's reply:

On the subject of semantics:

While Jake was correct in rephrasing the term 'armor', as our gear is NOT armor. He is mistaken in suggesting armor 'stops' impact or that one won't feel impact. It doesnt stop impact and you sure a s***t feel it!

If we're talking about ballistic armor, in theory, it stops mortal wounding [depending on weapon used: i.e. a knife will go through a bullet proof vest, a Level 1 or 2 vest will not stop a high caliber handgun and certainly not a rifle round].

Impact on virtually any armor is always felt, 'energy must go somewhere' and in the case of ballistic armor, a gun shot most always causes serious briusing and can often knock down and/or out an officer depending on the proximity of the attack.

Even on FIST, REDMAN and other simulation suits, as big as they are impact is felt, but it is so dissipated that there is no real effect. This is thier limitiation for real world confidence building.

There must be penalty for failed efforts and there must be transfer of pain during any collision!

That is what is unique about the design of our gear.
For stress innoculation tactical confidence and tactical improvisation training, you need mobility and the ability to feel the shot for both internal and external feedback.


The gear DOES NOT cover every part of the body, if it did youwouldnt be able to move, so there are a few Murphy spots on the gear. But we encourage a force-on-force effort whcih introduces the dynamics of 'moving targets' ....epiphany fo rthose who train with bulky suits, bulky gear creates slower, unrealitstic targets and presents 'closer' than real targets because of the bulk.

Some quick hits on the HIGH GEAR suit:

·Much lighter than anything on the market: just 7.5 lbs.

·The ONLY GEAR with Virtually total mobility, allowing for grappling, clinching, weapons defense training.

·The ONLY gear that you can wear clothes over to increase the visual reality and sensory overload for students in simulations, which will increase the adrenal surge.

·Will not interfere with your style or system's tactics. We've had it tested by some of the world's most experienced DT & combatives experts, as well as kick-boxers & even Brazilian Ju jitsu specialists, everyone was able to use the gear effectively.

·Only HIGH GEAR will not distort 'proximity sense'. Most gear is so bulky that the target you make contact with is NOT really a target in real-life.

·Because HIGH GEAR is so light, flexible and mobile you can train in more realistic environments. Now you can practice in an elevator, hallway, bed, in a car and so on. This is one of the ways to really improve confidence in your students: create realistic scenarios, in realistic environments with realistic dialogue and realistic tactics.

We do not stock HIGH GEAR. All suits are custom made to order and are available in athletic cut sizes Medium, large and XL/XXL.

·Call for details toll free @ 877-773-2748 or 514-482-1643. Or visit us on-line at and look for HIGH GEAR in the LEO/Military directory and in the Products Directory.


Well, I can't be right about everything :)


1) It's not armor, it's IMPACT REDUCTION GEAR.
That's not just playing with semantics, it's
important. Armor STOPS impact. If you're wearing armor
you don't feel anything. High Gear isn't designed like
that. If you get hit, you feel it, and it hurts (kinda
like when you get hit in real life).
That said: You get a lot of protection. The suit
covers almost the entire body (I think your toes are
left exposed...), and the padding will take a very
solid shot. I've used in classes in pairs, or with
just one person suited up, and I've yet to have an
injury or hear of one. The closest I've ever come to
getting injured in the gear was when someone cranked on
my knee after getting a tackle, but that had nothing
to do with the gear.

2) It's not only possible, but reccomended that you
wear some sort of clothing over the gear. I see no
reason why a judo gi wouldn't work fine.

3)Eyes: Very well protected: The headgear has a hard
plastic plate over the eyes. It's take everything from
face rakes to rattan sticks, and stood up pretty well.

4)Throat: There is a throat collar, but it's more to
protect against crushing movements, like chokes and
grabs, than strikes. If you hit the throat piece full
force with an axe hand, or whatever, you're going to
hurt your training partner.

5)Groin: Bring You Own Cup: There were apparently too
many problems with integrating a groin protector
directly into the gear. Tony or Phil know more on that
than I do.

6)Instep: There's a pad over the top of the foot that
would cover the instep from stomping type attacks.
Again, Tony or Phil could probably speak better on

I'll leave it up to someone who officially sells the
stuff to quote prices at you (though I think they're
listed on the website).

Hope that helps some.

PDR Team

Ok, I'm a little clearer.

For me, I see your "armor" as the PERFECT thing for true hard core combative sambo training.

Note to Tony, e-mail me an address and I'll send you a tape of what I mean.

Now, right now, what I need is something that when the women in the rape defense class try to take out my eye, throat, groin, or instep, they won't be able to do so! I'm fond of those spots!

I have had both redman and fist suits. No go. TOO bulky and not right.

I have thought the boxers no-foul cup will be perfect as the ads show the guy taking ball bat shots there with no effect.

The helmet will work for the eyes, so we are left with the instep and the throat... any ideas?

Also, to Tony, do e-mail me about the suits. I am thinking that advanced combative students should have their own set and wear it durning the "randori" sessions of the class.

Lets get on this cause with my new building and club I am REALLY moving a lot of things forward.

God bless to you all!


M Tripp

I have worn the Hi Gear aLOT in rape prevention scenario training. I like the fact that I dont have to be a good actor. If it is a good shot I react because it hurts! I have never been seriously injured although I have had my bell rung by head kicks executed by women on their backs. I have never had a problem with a shot to the throat. The design of the head gear and the natural reation of dropping your chin protect the throat area. The back of the neck is exposed and particularly vulnerable at some moments. Also, you are not protected against joint manipulations/destructions although I have never had anyone even really attempt one under duress of scenario training.
I know that the injuries I did sustain where when I first started wearing the suit...the more experienced I became the less injuries.
A for instance if a knee is flying towards your face and you take it face on there is no damage...if you tuck your head and take the shot on the top of your head there is real danger...the neck gets compressed.
I understood that the suit was designed for symetrical training and not necessarily for padded assailant work,BUT....
I use the suit and absolutely love it. The realism that it provides students is as close as you can get. And the few areas of vulnerability are covered as you gain experience.
My 2 cents,

PS. Thanks to Mr Blauer for such an incredible piece of gear. Also, I realize this is not a product review site...I get a little carried away in my enthusiam.


Well, I could post how many of my people were injured in the Red man and fist suits.....

....this is why I sold them and am looking else where!

As Will Smith said in Men in Black:

"I gotta get me one of these!"

Bows to Tony!

if more LE agencies and academies would try High Gear for DT training and also combine it with simmunitions for firearms training, CQB and room clearing, m/v stops, etc, it would save officers lives and increase the survivablity and confidence of those in the streets...I cant imagine getting some training doing realistic patrol type duties with HG and sim, then it could really go fighting, shooting, moving, etc and see what really works and what doesnt, as well as getting to see how one performs under stress and not just routine slow poke fire or "you do this, Ill do that" type DT training...someday somehow Ill have some High Gear and get to train myself and others in it regularly...

Those of you who get to train in it, or with Tony and his affiliates, count your blessings...