If you had to pick just one for each category which would you choose...

  1. Hunting Rifle
  2. Assault Rifle
  3. Shotgun
  4. Handgun
  5. Knife

  6. Remington 700

  7. AR 15

  8. Remington 870

  9. Glock 19

  10. ?

Depends on the situation, really.

I'd rather have a knife if they were really close. However, if they were 100 yards or more away, I'd probably want something with range like a hunting rifle or "assault rifle". If they were in my house, I wouldn't want a hunting rifle or "assault rifle" cause the bullet will go through the wall possibly killing someone else in the house. In that case I'd want a pistol or shotgun.

There are tons of factors in this equation.

How about one of each :)

1) Remington 700 in 30-06

2) AK-101 (AK-47 using 5.56x45mm and standard NATO mags)

3) Remington 870 with parts for attachment for under the Ak

4) Beretta Elite Brigadier in .40, with parts for .357 sig conversion.

5) A nice folder.