Army charging their own for equipment left in Afghanistan


I actually believe that with communist traitors running our country.


Wow… The Biden administration are even bigger pieces of shit than I thought.


Looks like the globalists found a way to force the most patriotic people in America to directly fund the third world


Fucked up. I believe him


US military is going to need to draft people in the next decade unless there is a wholesale change in US leadership. The military is run by the same people telling Biden what to do. They have alienated the group that makes up the bulk of combat forces.


is this true? doesn’t the us army have a way to redress grievances because it sure sounds like he could go that route.

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The people that used to love America have rethought that sentiment. Obama and Biden have successfully destroyed our nation in favor of becoming a cog in a global wheel.


This cant be true. Not even in clown world america of 2023.

Maybe the will forgive the debt if he re-enlists

Well…we have elected officials who cannot define what a woman or man is. We have athletes representing our country in international games who openly hate the country they supposedly represent…so…clown world…yeah… In regards to if this guy and what is happening is true – Dunno BUT…it would not surprise me if it is true.


I believe him. That withdrawal was a huge mess. Maybe no one wanted to sign the FLIPL and CIF was having none of it.

By the way, who was billed the millions of dollars of equipment, including weapons, that got left behind?

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Would it really be that surprising anymore?

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Either fake or he is fucked. I quit watching when he said they put him there, you volunteered, shut up. The last pallets for the last plane was his shit? Is it that hard to make e5 in four years?

Not hard i did it in 4

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That was part of the plan in my opinion.

Yep. All of this shit going on in our country is not some accident. It is all part of the plan by the communist’s democrats to weaken this country. Biden is obviously just a puppet. He has no power. It’s the scumbags behind the curtain that are doing this.


It goes way back to obamas world apology tour after his election, vowing a new world were no nation can stand taller than the rest.

We told them then that he cant bring the world up to western standard, so they bring the western standard down.