army euphemisms

Hands: Dick Beaters (also cookie snatchers)

Sleeping Bag: Fart Sack

"not good": Ate up, dicked up, jacked up like a football bat

Got any more good ones?

What are the opposites of euphemisms? That's more Army style.

rubber bands: retainer bands

velcro: hook-pile-tape

hat: cover

feet: dogs

cold weather clothing: snivel gear

back pack: heater

boots: leather personell carriers

Major Bob

My favorite is screwing the pooch.

mouth: suck muscle

ass crack: pencil holder(when it is peeking out of the jeans)

poncho = woobie

everybody not Infantry = pogues


Hostile Somolian nationals - skinnies

2 for one - asking a Korean hooker to take on two guys in the same time for the price of one.

any non-MRE food in the field: Pogie bait

2" or duct tape: 100 mile an hour tape

non-infantry: pogues/pussies (sorry guys)

Moron = football bat

slut = barracks ho Joe

Pecker Checker =91B medic
Airborne Shuffle= light run
GI party= Cleaning the barracks
POW= pussy on welfare (see pecker checker)

motrin; ranger candy

taking a shit; class 1 down load

beer; class 6

screwed up situation; soup sandwich

dress shoes; low quarters

porta-potty; the jack shack

bayonete; pig sticker

Major Bob

Pushups=Front Leaning Rest Position

at ease= shut the Fk up
latrine= bathroom


half left face position move/ forward leaning rest position move up down up down

newborn baby = dismount

Taking a shit+ Low Angle Mission Or Call For Fire

MI; Mexican Infantry or an oxymoron

2LT; Butter Bar, GoGet

1LT; Mayo Bar

CPT; Railroad Tracks

LTC; Baby Bird

COL; Old Man, Big Bird

Officers together: Brass

MP; Mexican Police, Mas Pato, Male Prostitute

Road March; humping

Officer; Paper Pusher

NCO with 1/2 brain; gifted

Helicopter; Bird

Ambulance; Cracker Box

ROTC Cadet going AV; Space Cadet

West Point Officer; Paper Eater

Non Aviation; stupid

CPT Rodriguez

Broke dick - injured

donkey dick - a Viet nam era E-tool or a nozzle for a 5 gal gas can.

RPGs - Rape prevention glasses. Those ugly ass Military issue safety glasses. Also called BCGs or Birth control glasses.

Ate up (8up) - fucked up or stupid, sloppy, non-professional

Soup sandwich = see above

10 up 2 down = 8up

I-D10-T form = Idiot form.

"I need a key to the drop zone"

"Get me a 100 yards flight line"

"Tell supply to get us some canopy lights for tonights jump"

"Tell the first Sergeant we need a prickE8 radio"

"I'm fucking this goat, your just holding the head"

Cherry = right out of jump school.

Five jump chump = ditto

FNG = fucking new guy

Feet wet = flying over water

Feet dry = flying over land

Tango = terrorist / bad guy

MRE = meal ready to excrete

MFIC = mother fucker in charge

FUBAR = fucked up beyond all recognition

goatfuck = see above

Chew toy = barracks ho

Rangerette = ranger chew toy

TARFU = things are really fucked up

Toepopper = anti-personnel mine

REMF = rear echelon mother fucker

Grunt = infantry men

Ground pounder = ditto

Pop quiz = surprise piss test

Military Intelligence = oxymoron

Hooah = yes, no, I dont know, yes sir, I approve,
over there, what?, yeah she's hot, etc.........

Friendly fire = isn't / another oxymoron

Shake and bake = OCS officer

Sky shark = stupid fuck that collides with you in the
air on a parachute jump.

Towed jumper = the guy banging into the side of the
aircraft and getting dragged along because his static line didn't deploy his shut.

Dirt dart = his parachute didn't deploy

Land of the big PX = the U.S.

Low quarters = dress shoes

Gig = something that didn't pass inspection

Sergeants time = let's learn some really boring shit we already know

CQ runner = your weekends fucked

cock holster = mouth

pot hole = mouth

PX Ranger = A piece of shit that bought extra awards and ribbons / tabs (not earned) to wear on his class A's while on leave to impress the people back home

Rubber duck = fake M-16 for training

Hump = carry or walking

Brown round = drill sergeant

Kpot = helmet

watch your 6 = cover your ass

buddy fucker = someone who fucks up, so everyone pays

An alert = bring all your fucking gear in, so we can surprise piss test you at 3:30 a.m.

Meat gazer = NCO that makes sure your not cheating
on your piss test

Squared away = done, or correct, professional

high speed / low drag = competent, better, slick, cool,new, etc..........

Top = First Sergeant

Profile = broke dick = injured